About Us

“Small molecules which inhibit DNA repair have the potential to induce exquisite levels of chemo- and radio-sensitization in solid tumors. However, the therapeutic index is the elephant in the room: if we cannot target them to the tumor, dose-limiting toxicity will prevent them from ever realizing their full potential in clinic. Cybrexa Therapeutics is developing a new class of DNA repair inhibitors, which specifically target tumors while sparing normal tissue. We have assembled a world-class team of business leaders, scientific staff, and advisors to achieve this goal.”

Ranjit S. Bindra, M.D., Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, Cybrexa Therapeutics

Cybrexa Therapeutics is an oncology-focused biotechnology company working to create novel therapeutics with a markedly enhanced therapeutic index. Our first class of new agents will target DNA repair, with a focus on the creation of new classes of radio- and chemo-sensitizers, which will target a wide range of solid tumors. These new agents will allow the combination of therapies at doses which were previously thought to be impossible or unreachable, with the potential for marked improvements in tumor control and ultimately overall survival.

Founded in 2016, we have assembled a world-class team of business leaders, medicinal chemistry and molecular biology experts, as well as clinical and scientific advisors to maximize our chances of success in the clinic. The scientific co-founders are physician-scientists at Yale with extensive expertise in DNA repair, chemo- and radio-sensitizer development, translational research, and Phase I/II clinical trials in oncology.

Our core technology consists of a novel peptide-based technology originally developed by a National Academies of Science professor at Yale University, which we have engineered further to create “Tumor-Specific Drugs (TSDs)”. These peptides efficiently and selectively deliver small molecules across the lipid bilayers of cells, specifically under low pH conditions, which is a universal feature of most cancer cells. TSDs can be adapted for use with both existing and new DNA repair inhibitors, which highlights the enormous versatility of our approach. Our core technology will change the rules of what is “drug-like” and thus will have the potential to deliver many classes of molecules which were previously considered undesirable from a conventional drug development perspective. In essence, Cybrexa Therapeutics will change the paradigm of drug delivery and selective tumor targeting, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of all cancer patients.

Cybrexa Therapeutics is located in the heart of the Yale bioscience community, at 5 Science Park in New Haven, CT.

5 Science Park 395 Winchester Ave. New Haven, CT 06511 (860) 717-2731