At Cybrexa we realize that the key to our success is a highly skilled, motivated and passionate workforce. To this end we are always focused on recruiting, hiring and developing the best team possible.

We are looking for exceptional candidates that share our passion for science and want to work in a fast paced environment where they can make a difference.

Cybrexa offers a competitive compensation and benefits package including equity participation, along with a dynamic and rewarding work environment.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Vice President of R&D

Cybrexa Therapeutics seeks a PhD-level individual for the role of Vice President of R&D. Cybrexa is developing a new generation of small molecule DNA repair inhibitors which are directly targeted to the tumor microenvironment using a novel peptide-based technology developed by an internationally recognized research laboratory at Yale. The scientific co-founders are physician-scientists at Yale with extensive expertise in DNA repair, chemo/radiosensitizer development, translational research, and Phase I/II clinical trials in oncology. This venture is backed by investors with extensive experience in the biotechnology sector, and they have launched companies with a collective valuation of over $1 billion. We are a teamwork-driven, dynamic and energetic group, and we seek an individual for this position who shares our core philosophy of innovative, relentless and milestone-driven drug development.

 These peptide-drug conjugates initially will be tested in vitro in assays using recombinant proteins, followed by testing for functional activity in cell-based assays, and then finally in vivo in mice. Extensive PK/PD and toxicology studies will be performed in parallel. The pace will be brisk, with a plan for Phase I trial(s) within approximately 3-4 years. Experience in the management of team(s) focused on drug development in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry is required.  In the first year, a major priority will be to identify molecules which target one of five key DNA repair proteins, determine suitable sites for linker attachment, and then test their activity in vitro and in vivo. Considerations of “freedom-to-operate” and intellectual property will weigh heavily in the decision(s) to pursue various leads.

We are looking to fill this senior level position with someone who can direct our drug development from early stage activity assessment through to clinical trials. An ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in biology or chemistry, Antibody Drug Conjugate or Peptide Drug Conjugate development experience, and significant experience in bringing oncology drugs from early stage development through clinical trials.  He/she will be managing a group of biologists and chemists, while actively creating a development plan to bring leads from early development into the clinic. Additionally, this position will interact closely with a team of medicinal chemistry, regulatory and clinical development consultants, as well as the scientific advisory board (SAB).

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