Cybrexa Therapeutics in the Hartford Courant

“It’s really like a heat-seeking missile toward tumors,” Yale physician-scientist and Cybrexa’s chief scientific adviser, Dr. Ranjit Bindra, tells the Hartford Courant. “I know it sounds over the top but we’re really re-writing the rules of what makes a drug good and...

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Cybrexa in recently published a Q&A with Cybrexa's Per Hellsund about fundraising, and finding success in biotech startups. Read the full article here....

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Cybrexa Therapeutics Secures $6 Million in Series B Financing

Financing supports development of new class of cancer therapies. Cybrexa Therapeutics, a start-up cancer therapeutics company, announced today that it has secured a Series B round of financing in the amount of $6 million. Connecticut Innovations, an investment vehicle...

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Below are links to coverage of the high-impact DNA repair research findings by our Scientific Founders.

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