Dan Marshall, Ph.D.

Cybrexa Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Dan Marshall is an accomplished medicinal chemist with 20+ years of experience in the discovery of molecules that modulate targets in inflammatory, autoimmune, cardiometabolic, and oncology therapeutic areas.

Receiving a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Colorado State University and a Ph.D. in Organic Synthesis from Emory University, he has sought every opportunity to apply molecular manipulation toward discovering innovative therapies that improve patient outcomes.

Previously at Boehringer Ingelheim and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dan contributed to the success of many projects and is directly responsible for the discovery of a highly selective new chemical entity for Diabetic Nephropathy, currently undergoing clinical evaluation. Dan joined Cybrexa as Director of Medicinal Chemistry, bringing his medicinal chemistry expertise to bear on the pH-dependent drug delivery concept for safer and more efficacious oncology treatments.

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